How to Complement your Outfit with Large Jewelry

Ever considered ramping up your outfit with large jewelry? If so, you may need this guide to be on track of your new and evolving fashion style. Matching large jewelry with your outfit shouldn’t be something mind-boggling, check out the pointers below! 

1. Grand Jewelry should be matched with Fancy Clothing

Samples of grand jewelry would be large diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. Wearing the said eye-catching jewelry is best fit with your extravagant dresses. Besides, using grand jewelry on your everyday outfits would be a total mismatch. 


2. Striking Necklaces like Gold and Silver are

    best Paired with Simple or Formal Outfits   

If you plan to wear clothes that already have multiple prints and patterns, you might want to skip wearing hefty jewelry. This is because you’re already putting too much emphasis on all aspects of your clothing and accessories—making you look “hyperactive”. Large or long gold and silver necklaces are best emphasized with your plain or classy clothes.  


3. Only Wear One Large Necklace with Your Attire

One huge and eye-catching necklace is really enough for your apparel. Wearing two or more large necklaces will disorient your neckline and make you look weird.   


4. Wear Two or More Bracelets 

This tip is contrary to wearing only one large necklace since wearing two or more bracelets is highly fashionable. However, this doesn’t mean you can just rack up dozens of random bracelets on your wrists. Carefully judge the style and colors of the bracelets you’re about to wear and check if they complement each other. 


5. Be Careful when Wearing Large-Sized Bracelets

Before you start wearing your large bracelets, ask yourself “Will I be doing a lot of tasks using my hands today?” If you do, then you might want to skip wearing large bracelets since it will hinder your work throughout the day. Also, you can just store your bracelets on your bag and wear them after all your handy work is done. This tip can also be applied to large rings.  


6. On Wearing Immense Earrings

Large earrings can also create a great fashion statement. But you need to match your huge earrings a bit with your other large accessories like the necklace and bracelets. Delicately match the color theme of your earring with either the bracelet or necklace.

Lastly, be wary of your ears. You may feel a mild discomfort or pain when wearing large earrings. If the pain and discomfort continue to persist, just remove the earrings. 

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