Things You Can Do To Maintain and Preserve Your Jewelry

4 Things You Can Do To Maintain and Preserve Your Jewelry

Things You Can Do To Maintain and Preserve Your Jewelry

Different jewelry requires different upkeep, but there are general tips you can follow in preserving your jewelry— whether it’s silver, gold, brass, copper, etc. It’s clear that you need to take action in order to keep the shine and quality of your jewelry, but some people don’t have a clear direction on what to do or what not to do. The blog will discuss pointers on how to maintain and preserve jewelry.

1. Invest on High Quality Cases and Pouches for your Jewelry’s Storage


Storing your beads in a proper stash is extremely crucial in keeping your jewelry flawless and clean. This is because you need to protect your jewelry from dirt, chemicals, and even environmental factors.

There is jewelry that is prone to oxidation like silver and other metals. You can invest on a jewelry case or box. Different brands will offer various features depending on their jewelry case product so do some window shopping before you purchase one. If you want to have a more affordable option, lean on jewelry pouches. But if you have a lot of precious jewelry, then it’s better to have a case or box for better safety and organization.


2. Don’t Wear Your Jewelry the Entire Time   

Your jewelry has already taken a beating from everyday wear, so it’s best to remove it for awhile. There are people who wear their jewelry even if they sleep; this is not a good practice because the jewelry will be damaged over time due to physical strain.


You shouldn’t just be focused on removing your jewelry when you’re about to sleep since other rigorous activities can negatively affect your jewelry like doing exercises.

Another poor practice in jewelry care is when people wear their accessories when they’re taking a shower. Some precious metals and gemstones easily tarnish if they’re exposed to water. Also, you shouldn’t just be wary with taking a shower/bath, since there are plenty of activities that involve water like dishwashing, doing your laundry, etc.


3. Expert Cleaning 

You may have heard advice from people and the internet to use the famous ultrasonic cleaners, since they can easily clean jewelry at the comfort in your home. However, you shouldn’t entirely depend on these cleaners or use them constantly since they can stress your jewelry or potentially displace stones attached to your jewelry.

Expert jewelry cleaners can help you with your cleaning woes. Some require a fair price for cleaning but there are jewelry shops that offer free cleaning. Also, ask them if they use manual cleaning since there are shops and cleaners who use ultrasonic cleaners instead of delicately cleaning them with expert technique.


4. Remove Your Jewelry when Handling Items with Strong Chemicals 

It’s important to be fully aware with what things you’re engaging when you’re wearing your jewelry, especially when you’re cleaning your household. You see, most cleaning products contain strong chemicals that will definitely damage your jewelry. Your safe bet is to remove your jewelry before commencing your household cleaning routine.

It’s not just cleaning products that you should be aware of, but cosmetics as well. Lipsticks, fragrances, and other beauty products also have chemicals that will harm your jewelry in a certain amount of time.

We’re not telling you not to wear any cosmetics, so here is a quick and simple tip; wear your cosmetics before your jewelry, and if you’re about to remove them, you need to remove the cosmetics before the jewelry. In that way, you can avoid your jewelry from having direct contact with the cosmetics.




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