How to Match Your Skin Tone with Your Jewelry

How to Match Your Skin Tone with Your Jewelry

How to Match Your Skin Tone with Your Jewelry

No matter how beautiful the jewelry is, it won’t be as captivating as it’s supposed to be if it doesn’t match with your skin tone. Take note, skin tone is very different with skin color; skin color refers to the general hue of the skin like white, black, khaki, etc. The skin tone is more focused on the “degree” of the skin rather than the obvious appearance. Matching your jewelry with your skin tone is really an important aspect which is usually overlooked. Follow these tips below to complement both your unique skin tone and enticing jewelry.


1. Assess Your Skin Tone    

First of all, you need to know your skin tone so that you can match the necessary jewelry to your complexion. It’s fairly easy to determine your skin tone. Simply place your wrists on natural light (early morning sunlight or late afternoon sunlight); your veins will then be naturally brightened. So, if you noticed that your veins have a generally blue hue, then you have a “cool” skin tone, and if you have greenish veins, then you have a “warm” skin tone. Also, some of you might think that all of those who have a white skin will have a cool skin tone, but it doesn’t work that way. White skin color can also have a warm skin tone; it entirely depends on the “degree” rather than the color.


2. MatchYour Skin Tone with the Right Colors  

Chart for skin tones and jewelry

For Warm Skin Tone:








For Cool Skin Tone:


*White Pearls







3. Matching With Metal Components


For Warm Skin Tone:




For Cool Skin Tone:

*White Gold




2 thoughts on “How to Match Your Skin Tone with Your Jewelry

  1. Hello there,
    To whom it may concern, who could help me with my question. I was wondering and hoping to get to know more about matching color beads with skin tone colors? Thanks soo much

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment. I think that the more tricky question is how to determine what skin tone you are trying to match your beads/jewelry color. The blog has mentioned specific colors to work with once you have an idea whether your skin tone is cool or warm. If your skin tone is a golden/apricot shade, suggested beads/jewelry color that works with this skin tone is yellow, browns, green, orange and turquoise. While if your skin tone is pink/rosy your skin tone will work well with colors like white pearls, pink, violet, red, magenta. My personal interpretation is if yo have a darker skin tone, bright colors like greens and yellows and orange works well. If you have a lighter skin tone that the darker colors like blue, red and violet works well with this skin tone.

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