Methods You can Use to Clean Your Silver Jewelry

5 Methods You can Use to Clean Your Silver Jewelry

Methods You can Use to Clean Your Silver Jewelry

Silver is a very popular choice for jewelry-making. It has an elegant glimmer that makes a fashion accessory more eye-catching and likeable. The problem with silver is that; just like any other metal component, it’s prone to rusting and tarnish. Follow the tips below to clean your silver jewelry. Note: the methods mentioned bellow should only be used on silver jewelry.


1. Salt and Baking Soda 

This is truly an easy method for you to clean your smeared or tarnished jewelry.

*Simply mix salt (1 tablespoon) and baking soda (also 1 tablespoon) into a foil-covered plate or bowl.


*Next, deluge the plate or bowl with lukewarm water and mix them all together.


*Bath your silver jewelry into the solution for a couple of minutes.


Endnote: If the silverware is extremely tarnished, then it might not be fully cleaned with this method—and it will require extra shining and cleaning. Otherwise, if it’s mildly rusty, then there is a high possibility that your silver will be cleaned completely. Also, remove any gemstones or other precious stones when using this method since they can be damaged.


2. Apply Beer!

This is really a big surprise for some of you, but beer really does magic when cleaning silver pieces. Just apply a small amount of beer to a clean and smooth fabric. Let the beer seep into the fabric for a while then wipe it to the tarnished area mildly. As for the choice of beer, just don’t use the dark ale kind of beer.


3. Dip in Alka-Seltzer

Yup, Alka-Seltzer is more than just a pain reliever and antacid, it can also be used to return your silver’s shine. Simply submerse your silver jewelry into a bubbly Alka-Seltzer for 5 minutes or less.


4. Brush it with Toothpaste

It seems your teeth aren’t the only thing that can be brighter with toothpaste, but your silver jewelry as well. After you brushed your silver item, be sure to wipe the leftover paste with a clean and dry cloth.


5. When all else fails, use Silver Polish 

If your silver pieces aren’t still completely cleaned after applying the methods above then you need to step up your cleaning regimen. Silver polish is specifically designed to get rid off all the grime, dirt, and rust of silver to make it look like brand new again.



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  1. Simple and effective tips. If anyone applies this method regularly, especially after every use, S/He has not necessary to use any tool kit. We need cleaning machine when these tricks are not effective.

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