Overcoming creative block

3 Ways you can Overcome Creative Block to Create New and Original Jewelry Designs

Creative thinking

Apparently, beading doesn’t only involve weaving skills and being able to execute stitching techniques with finesse, it also involves creativity. If you think about it, creativity is one of the major selling points in beading. You get to see the innovation and artistry of each beader through their beadwork.

For those of you who are trying their hand with beading, you have probably faced the challenge of experiencing creative block. This usually happens when your creative energy is all drained out from creating countless original bead projects or improvising existing beadwork. It’s completely normal since every creative person goes through that, but the real challenge occurs in getting your creative jive back. Don’t loosen your creativity, and learn to conquer your overcome block with some tips below.

1. Give Yourself a Little Break

Take a break

There are times when you try to bring out every last bit of your artistry unto your work, but nothing comes out. Sometimes all you need is a little break or even a vacation, if you can have one.

Your “vacation” doesn’t necessarily have to be outside the country or somewhere with exotic beaches and expensive hotels; it can be a simple but short rest day(s) for you. Simply find something that won’t stress you out like going out with your friends and family or even doing nothing all day.

Sometimes all it needs to get back your creative soul is to rest and relax for a couple of days. You’ll be surprised on how much your creativity mindset relapses and you’ve become more determined instead of forcing yourself to create new projects each day without having any break and producing little or no results.


2. Be Inspired

Get inspired

The internet is a goldmine of both information and inspiration that people often take for granted. Bead collections, art galleries, and seeing other art forms can be your inspiration for your original bead creation. However, it’s going to be a different story if you just copy or make small alternations (and call it your own) of supposed inspirational bead collections. Those collections only serve as an inspiration, something that will entice your creative aptitude to make something better or original.


3. Mingle with People Who Have Some Common Interests

Make connections with other people

It’s a given that you meet up with people who share the same interest in jewelry-designing, but sometimes it’s also a good idea to hang out with people who are into other arts or hobbies as well. Random conversations with other people outside your interests may able to influence or inspire your mind to finally create a unique bead project that you’re proud to call as your own.

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