How to Prevent Cosmetics from Damaging your Jewelry

How to Prevent Cosmetics from Damaging your Jewelry

In order to become super fashionable you need to have a healthy balance of jewelry and cosmetics. Well, the statement doesn’t only apply for those who are fashion fanatics but to anyone who just wants to look their best. One of the problems with cosmetics and bead jewelry or any other fashion accessories for that matter is that most people overlook the fact that their cosmetics can actually tarnish their jewelry if they don’t apply it properly. Below are some common cosmetics and how you can use them without damaging your precious bead jewelry.

1. Body Creams and Lotions

Body lotions

Creams and lotions are a great way for your skin to stay moisturized or to have a healthy glow. Also, you may be using sunscreen lotions when going out in a bright and sunny day. However, these cosmetics might stick to your bead jewelry and cause the accessories to gather grime and dirt. To continue using creams or lotions, be sure to let your skin properly absorb them for minutes before wearing jewelry, especially necklaces.


2. Be Careful with Your Lipstick or Lip Gloss


This may sound far-fetched but your lipstick and lip gloss can actually affect your jewelry. For example, wearing your lipstick first then putting on your necklace—of course, there is a high possibility that some lipstick residue will stick on the necklace. The size of the lipstick stains may vary but they’re surely unsightly and can be difficult to remove. An easy solution for this is to wear the necklace before the lipstick, and to wipe the lipstick thoroughly before removing the necklace.


3. Perfumes and body sprays

The chemicals found in perfumes and sprays don’t only spoil the hue of your beads but damages it as well. Some of the stains caused by perfumes and sprays can be permanent if not taken care of. The solution is similar with the lipstick tip. Just spray the perfume first, let it dry, and put your jewelry!

The tips may be simple but they are an important part of your usual dressing routine if you want stay looking terrific without damaging your jewelry.

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