How to Check Your Beads if it’s real or Fake

How to Check Your Beads if it’s real or Fake

Various kinds of jewelry are probably the most counterfeited items in the world. As you may have guessed, bead items are no exception to the countless imitations counterfeiters are making. Bead pieces like gold, silver, pearls and other expensive materials may be the prominent piece that are counterfeited but that doesn’t mean that other bead items are not faked or imitated. If you’re planning to purchase bead items from sellers, then you need to know how to check if beads are real or fake.

Don’t Trust Weird and Uncommon Item Names

Japan Jade, New Topaz, and Silver Ruby are just some of the dozens of uncommon product names that counterfeiters use to lure customers. Either these beads are low quality or just pure fake. It’s best to avoid these type of beads and purchase the more known or common ones.


Cash pile

If you notice that the prices of cheap beads are ridiculously high or that naturally expensive bead pieces are surprisingly low, then you better raise suspicion. There is a great chance that these beads are fake. It pays to compare prices between trusted and respectable bead sellers before making a final purchase so make that a common practice when you’re shopping for beads!

The Holes Have a Story

Colorful beads

The holes of the beads are probably the last thing you examine to check the authenticity of the beads, but it’s really worth checking out. If you noticed that the bead holes are super small and damaged, then you need to think twice when purchasing that particular set of beads. Aside from the quality check, also ask your bead seller if they have money back guarantee with their beads.

Color of the Beads

Pink and yellow glitter beads

Examine the beads thoroughly if they are cheaply painted or dyed. You can try rubbing the beads a bit to a cotton or tissue and see if there are color residues. High quality beads are perfectly colored and not made with cheap paints or dyes.

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