Taking care of gemstones

How to Take Care of Gemstones

How to clean gemstones


Aside from beads, gemstones are another jewelry pieces that have a wide variety and contain a delightful set of unique pieces. Trust me, I’m not overstating that gemstones are distinctive and have a great selection; there are different types and colors that will truly astound any jewelry fanatic.

However, cheap gemstones or some fake ones, are far more inferior to authentic and high quality gemstones. Be sure to check if your gemstones are coming from a legitimate seller. If you have your own set of gemstones or planning to purchase one — it’s important that you know how to maintain the glow and quality of gemstones. Below are some tips on how you can take care of your gemstones.


Washing and Cleaning

Washing gemstones

The good news is that you don’t need some expensive or specific cleaning equipment to clean your gemstones. Nonetheless, you need to be careful on what gemstone you’re cleaning. For example: organic gemstones like amber and pearl only require a simple wipe from a soft and clean fabric.

Drenching gemstones on various solutions also prove harmful to pliable gemstones like turquoise, lazuli, and many more. Just to be safe in cleaning any gemstone, just wet the gem with a few drops of dish cleaner and dry it with a soft, dry, and clean cloth. Also, there are some tips on the internet saying that toothpaste is a great cleaner for your gemstones, but please don’t use toothpaste. There are a lot of chemicals that could possibly damage your gemstones.


Store in a Tidy and Dry Place

Gemstone organizer

Gemstones aren’t best in sunlight, so make sure you store it away from sunlight. If you’re curious to know what happens to the gemstones when exposed to sunlight then here it is: the colors fade and make them look tarnished. Furthermore, separate the gemstones individually because if they’re stuck together—it will cause friction among the stones and gravely damage their quality.

Protect the gemstones by individually covering them with a tissue. Or if that is hassle for you, just place them in some sort of divider; again, place them individually to avoid friction.  


Remove Gemstones When Swimming

Swimming with jewelry

If a gemstone is exposed to large amounts of water for a long time, it will certainly be damaged. Worst case scenario is when the stones are exposed to chlorine from pools. Make it a habit to remove not just gemstones, but other jewelry as well when taking a swim or doing any water-related activity.


Avoid Spraying Perfume 


Perfume is composed of certain chemicals that are proven to damage your gemstones. In this case, wear your gemstone jewelry after you have sprayed your lovely perfume.

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