4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Beads Online

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Beads Online

Purchasing beads online

With the advent of online shopping, countless items are being sold online. Almost everything can now be purchased on the internet, especially beads and even beading supplies and tools. Online bead purchases are a great way for beaders to buy beads that are not readily available in their area. Furthermore, this allows them to have a great array of options in purchasing beads. There are underlying problems with buying beads online. Combat these problems with some tips below.

1.Buy a Small Amount of Beads First

Bag of beads

It would be a good practice if you first purchase a small batch of beads before considering a bulk order. This will help you assess the beads from the online shop and check if the quality is great or if it’s really inferior from other stores. In this way, you can avoid purchasing large orders and get disappointed with the low quality.


2. Compare the Prices

Price comparison

When you’re shopping beads online or any item for that matter, it’s truly a frustrating experience when you found out that the product you purchased has a cheaper price in another shop. Therefore, you should definitely try scouting online shops and try to compare the items. But be wary, high-priced beads don’t guarantee quality. This is why you go back to tip number one and assess the quality first by purchasing a small amount of bead items.


3. Double Check Your Items

Wooden beads

Bead sellers aren’t perfect; they can have defective bead items. And yes, even the top notch online bead shops may have defective items. This is actually fine since it’s normal; the real problem lies when the shops don’t have any return policy. Do your research and check if the online store you’re buying your beads from has any purchase guarantees. If they don’t have any, find another shop that has one, this will help safeguard from scams and inferior bead pieces.

4. Check the Pictures

Blue glass beads

The images that the online shops will present in their website will allow you to appraise their products. But of course, it is really different when you’re in person and be able to see and touch the bead item without bias from the pictures. If you noticed that the images are blurry or of poor image quality, then you shouldn’t risk purchasing from that bead supplier. Same goes for pictures that are way too good to be true, Photoshop could have been used to enhance the look.

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