Bone and Horn jewelry

How to Take Care Your Bone and Horn Jewelry

Among the countless beads that are available in shops (both online and offline), the horn and bones are probably a few of the most unique beads. They’re amazing pieces of jewelry that give out a “tribal” or exotic vibe. If you want to optimize the quality and longevity of the material, you need to do some sort of maintenance. So here are some guidelines on how to take care of your bone and horn jewelry.


Taking Care of Bone Materials

Bone jewelry

One of the best traits of bone beads is that they’re durable. This also means it requires little maintenance, but you have to give extra effort if you want to maintain the quality of the color of your bone. To maintain the natural hue of the bone, you can apply coconut or jojoba oil.


Taking Care of Horn Materials

Horn jewelry


Just like bone beads, horn beads are also tough and barely need maintenance, but you will need to clean it to keep its color allure. Horns can easily be cleaned with dry cloth, and be sure you don’t drench the horns with water or other liquids since it will damage the horns. Just like bone jewelry, horn jewelry can be maintained with the help of coconut and jojoba oils.


Storing Bones and Horns

Both of this jewelry material shares the same storing tip so there is no need to divide them in different storage areas. Anyway, store the bones and horns inside a cool and dry area. Also, be sure not to expose it in direct sunlight. It’s in your best interest not to douse or store them in hot temperature since it will damage the horns and bones.


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