Jewelry-Making Workspace Comfortable

4 Ways You Can Make Your Bead/Jewelry-Making Workspace Comfortable

When you’re doing your bead projects you shouldn’t ignore your workspace. It is just as important as your skillset. A lot of beaders usually ignore their work place setting, which can cause a mess and make beading a complete hassle. Learn some tips on how to make your beading/jewelry making workspace comfortable and organized.


1. Comfortable Sitting Position

Learn how to properly sit

First of all, everyone has their own preferred sitting position, especially when working with their beads. However, some sitting positions might affect your body negatively and cause muscle pain. For example: if you’re using a chair that’s too high for you, you might suffer back, neck, and arm pain. Task chairs are perfect chairs when working at a desk due to its height adjustability. But if you’re much more comfortable working on sofas or recliners and don’t experience any muscle pain afterwards, then go for it! Standing desks are also great choices for healthier “sitting” alternatives.


2. Great Optics

Beading requires good lighting

Because some beads require keen eyesight, a magnifier is needed. Don’t take this as an exclusive tip for have poor vision, but for everyone. Hands-free magnifiers and free-standing magnifiers are great options for you. However, be careful not to stress your eyes and neck when looking at the tiny details of your beadwork.


3. Illuminate Your Workspace Well

Working it well-lit conditions

Aside from magnifiers, the lighting also affects the effectiveness and quality of your workspace. You don’t want to strain your eyes with poor lighting. Choose between daylight lamps or clip-on lights for your workspace.


4. Use Beads Trays to Organize Your Beads

Bead tray

To avoid hassle and utter chaos on your workspace, be sure to organize your beads with the help of bead trays. It can help you sort beads according to their color, shape, and size. There are also bead trays specially designed for the traveling beader.

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