3 Types of Beading Needles You Should Be Using

3 Types of Beading Needles You Should Be Using

3 Types of Beading Needles You Should Be Using

Choosing the right beading needle can help your beading become easier and more convenient. I’m willing to bet that some of you might have used needles for sewing for your bead crafts. The thing is, sewing needles are well…specifically made for sewing not beading. After all, bead needles are more user-friendly and wires and threads go through the holes easily. Check out these 3 beading needles that every beader should be using.


1. Economy Needles

Economy Needles

Well, the name says it all; it is economical meaning you can afford it. However, this needle is really different in terms of quality and durability compared to the other needles below. So why is this needle on the list? Well, it’s because it’s more than enough for basic beading projects and budget-friendly for beginners.


2.  English Needles

English Needles

These types of needles are highly superior to economy needles, but they have a higher price tag. But you will later forget the cost since they are very durable, easy-to-use, and don’t snag. That’s really worth the money if you have a quality needle like this. Be warned though, English needles that are not made in England may have inferior quality, so check the suppliers first!


3. Japanese Needles

Japanese Needles

The quality of Japanese needles is on par with the English type. What sets them apart is that Japanese needles are more rigid than English needles. A rigid feature means the needle has less bending features. You may wonder if this is a major bargaining decision, but it actually depends on what materials or projects you’re working with. There are beadworks that require bendable needles, while others may not.  Be sure to research about the project you’re doing before purchasing any needles.

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