4 Beading Supplies Every Beader Should Have

4 Beading Supplies Every Beader Should Have

Supplies every jewelry maker should own

You may already know what types of tools are needed, as well as beads you need to complete a project, but you may be forgetting some import beading supplies. You see, supplies also play a key role in your beadwork. Here are some beading supplies that you will definitely need for your beading crafts:


1. Special Bead Threads

Dandyline bead thread sold by Beads and Pieces

This is definitely a no-brainer, but I will focus more on why bead threads are far more optimal other common threads. Here’s the thing: bead threads are more durable and more polished than ordinary threads, thus, making it easier for you to use. These threads are especially great for beadweaving. You can choose between nylon or polyethylene thread. To make your life simpler, just remember this: nylon threads can be cut without much effort but it’s not tougher than polyethylene.


2. Bead Scissors/Nippers/Cutters

Jewelry supply cutters

Some of you might be using regular scissors, and think it delivers the same results as bead scissors. You may be surprised that this is not the case. Bead scissors create a cleaner cut, making the outcome of your project that much better.


3. Bead Needles

Beading needles sold by Beads and Pieces

You may have overlooked these needles before, but I promise you that they are worth their value. The same concept applies here as it did with beading scissors, don’t use ordinary needles. Bead needles are specifically designed to make your beading work easier. Also, the needles vary according to the shape, size, as well as the brand.


4. Thread Conditioner

Get a thread condition from Beads and Pieces

Unsurprisingly, your hair is the only thing needing conditioning, your beading threads need it too. With the help of this cool conditioner, your threads will have fewer tangles, which will make it more durable. Here’s a useful tip: only apply thread conditioners to nylon threads that are not “preconditioned” or “pre-waxed.” Polyethylene threads do not need conditioner.

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