4 Ways to Re-ignite Happiness in Beading During Challenging Times

Turning your beading hobby into a business is, without a doubt, joyful and rewarding. You get excited to work every day as there’s always something to look forward to. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like work at all since you love what you do.


But like any other creative pursuits, you will be stifled along the way. And now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, the mental stress of the situation will challenge your creativity even more. So, how do you re-ignite your passion and spark real joy when you are stressed and overwhelmed?


Less Expectations

There’s this common advice that says “Expectations are disappointments waiting to happen.” Putting too much pressure on yourself? Get rid of this habit. Beading should be something that you enjoy doing. Even if you’ve already learned so much, always embrace being a beginner so you can continually develop your skills. If you don’t put expectations on your work, you’ll be fully present in your day-to-day routine and ideas can easily flow.


Know When to Accept and Decline

Opportunities come in many forms and it’s helpful to know when to accept and when to decline. In beading, you will experience different things like going to events, collaborating with new people and working on a variety of ideas. If someone wants to work with you on a certain project, why not jump at the chance? Being open to new experiences will widen your horizons and get you out of your comfort zone. However, you can’t just accept every offer that comes. If more and more opportunities come in and take a huge chunk of your time, it’s okay to decline. Prioritize your creative needs and know which opportunities align with your beading goals. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well (which brings us to the next point).



The word self-care has been thrown around too often, but there has never been a more important time to talk about it. Beading is fun and enjoyable, but there are times that you’ll be consumed with feeling not good enough. Added to that is the stress of the current situation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to acknowledge it and stop what you’re doing. Go for a walk, talk to a friend or enjoy a cup of tea. Find ways to decompress so you’ll feel energized once you get back on track.


What Do You Enjoy About the Process?

Do you ever stop and notice the things that contribute to the pleasure of beading? Things like brainstorming, doing initial sketches and putting together quirky materials can bring a feeling of ease. If you could just take time to remember how your beading projects began, you will notice that the little things play a huge part in how you feel. Like your last session for example — which part of the process made beading exciting? What was the main thing you looked forward to? Observing the small but important moments ignite feelings of happiness and if practiced, it creates a ripple effect causing you to appreciate your beading process more and more.


Getting back on track with your beading goals and creating from a place of happiness can be challenging. The stresses of everyday life can take a toll on you at some point, but don’t let them stop you. We hope the pointers above will help in rekindling your motivation and pushing you into a happier state of mind.


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