What to Give Your Taurus Woman on Her Special Day

Do you have lots of Taureans in your life?


As we are still in Taurus season, we need to highlight elegance and luxury. Taurus is a practical sign but don’t let the bull fool you. Taureans, especially women, are self-indulgent and love the fine things in life. Taurus women always have a superb sense of style. They can also be extreme at times as they can go from dainty jewelry to show-stopping items.


Curious to know what jewelry pieces delight every Taurus woman out there? Here are some jewelry gifts for the refined taste of this striking sign.


Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet

Sterling silver chain bracelet screams finesse  which is exactly what Taurus women are all about. This is a great gift for your special Taurus woman as it can be paired with diamond studs for everyday wear, bringing out a polished look. Sterling silver chain bracelets can also be worn on vacations and at work.


Cocktail Rings

If you want to get a ring for your Taurus woman, find one that she can wear to any event. Cocktail rings are very fitting and can look a bit flashy. But if there’s one zodiac sign who can wear this type of ring on different occasions (even in the office), it’s the Taurus woman. Cocktail rings can take her from the office to after-dinner drinks and all the way to a spontaneous night out.


Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are classic and tasteful — pieces that any Taurus woman won’t say no to! Whether you want to go for freshwater pearls or akoya, these pieces will get her noticed in the next office party. For extra glam, let her put together a pair of pearl drop earrings with a beaded pearl necklace. When it comes to the outfit, a pair of gold stiletto shoes and a black dress will get the job done.

Pearl Necklace

Speaking of pearl necklaces, yes, they are the perfect items to get when one already has pearl drop earrings. Taurus women will look phenomenal with a pearl necklace — the true embodiment of “old Hollywood glamor”. This piece works well with a deep-V neckline dress and a high updo. Another great option is a turtleneck dress paired with pointed-toe pumps.


Apart from being lovers of elegance and luxury, Taurus women command respect and are highly reliable. They can be stubborn at times but they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They are also into literature and arts and love a good challenge. So, if you’re still having a hard time looking for a jewelry piece for the Taurus woman in your life, look no further — this list will tick off all the boxes!


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