5 Goals to Set and Achieve for a More Productive 2021

2020 — What a year this has been!


As we welcome 2021, it’s high time for us to reflect on what we should do to improve our craft. This year apparently has been a struggle for a lot of us, but let’s not forget that next year is a chance to start anew.


We’re excited to see what the new year will bring and so we came up with a list of goals that will inspire you to push your creativity (and productivity) a bit further.


Work on Unfinished Projects

Had a hard time getting your mind in the right place for the past months? You’re not alone. If you still have unfinished beading projects, next year is a good time to complete them. Don’t feel bad if you know some people are starting new things come January. Tackle your unfinished workload so you can finally see the complete output.


Collaborate With New Beaders

Reach out to fellow beaders and collaborate with them. Share new tips and tricks and work on some exciting projects. Consider this collaboration a form of therapy — a safe space wherein you and your collaborators can decompress and unwind after a long work week.


New Patterns

There are apparently plenty of new styles and techniques that are waiting to be discovered. Let 2021 be the year of expanding your know-how and challenging yourself with new beading patterns. Choose a particular pattern that suits your level of experience and from there, you can work on some difficult ones.

Open Virtual Classes

Have you been beading for a long time now? Why not open a virtual class and share your expertise with others? This is a great avenue to interact with beaders in your community, professionals and hobbyists alike. Host virtual classes and send invites either online or by word of mouth. In this way, you can share your knowledge, love, and passion for beading.


Go at a Slower Pace

Since 2020 has been rough, it will be helpful to go at a much slower pace next year. Beading covers a wide range of techniques and just because you’ve mastered a few good ones doesn’t mean you can do everything. Once you’re interested in a new technique, you will be approaching it as a beginner. So, be kind to yourself and go slow.


Setting some goals will provide you an opportunity to make small changes in your routine. While we still have a few days to go before the new year, use that time to reflect on the list above so you can improve your craft next year. With this, we hope you ring in 2021 with excitement, optimism, determination, and courage.


Happy New Year!


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