Pinky Ring: The Latest Must-Have Accessory this Summer

Pinky Ring: The Latest Must-Have Accessory this Summer

Can’t beat the summer heat?


If you’re one of the those girls who love some serious arm candies, now is the time to ditch them and opt for pieces that won’t weigh you down. You can still show off your personal style with something unassuming yet has flair. Why not go for pinky rings?


Relatively smaller than a regular ring, pinky rings make great fashion statements. When choosing a pinky ring, the right material is essential especially when you have those irritating allergies.


Titanium. This is the safest material to use for metal allergies. Majority of hypoallergenic products are made of either stainless steel or titanium. From vehicles to buildings and makeup, titanium is used because of its durability. It’s very affordable and great for those who need plenty of options for fashion jewelry.


Silver. Another great color to choose is silver as it can be worn by both men and women. Though silver may be pleasing to the eyes because of its understated feel, this color does fade when worn frequently. To help maintain its sheen, use a silver cleaning cloth. Like gold, silver is a safe metal for allergic-prone jewelry lovers. But be careful when choosing your favorite pieces as there are silver jewelry in the market with a bit of metal mixed in them.


Platinum. Commonly used as wedding rings, platinum’s magnificent shine is what makes it stand out. These rings look even elegant with gems like rubies and diamonds. This material is suggested to those who are not fond of wearing other rings besides pinky rings. The price can be very steep but if you have a few extra bucks, go for it!


Gold. When you want something for everyday wear, choose gold. It’s a classic piece that blends with almost any skin tone and complements any piece in your wardrobe. Additionally, it’s safe for those with metal allergy. When it comes to choosing a different level of purity, take note from the following — 10k, 18k, 24k etc. The higher the number means the gold becomes more pure. Higher purity means lower chances of allergic reactions. If you’re worried about allergies, go for 24k.


Apart from metal allergies, consider a design that flatters the shape of your fingers.


  • For naturally thin fingers, go for something thin and delicate.
  • For those with chubby fingers, a wide design is suitable as pinky rings will make your finger look slender.


From the sleek, minimalist ring to the dainty ring with glitters to the bold signet, there’s a pinky ring that will suit any style. Whatever pinky ring you choose, you always can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and white shirt or add a stack of other rings while dressing up for an event. This tiny, understated accessory will definitely take your accessory game to a different level!

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