How to Rock a Statement Necklace

When we think of statement jewelry, what comes to mind are costume jewelry, chunky, oversized, or maximalist pieces. This idea has been misinterpreted for quite some time.


A statement necklace is in fact a piece that when worn is deemed as the main component of your outfit. You need not layer this necklace with other pieces as it is already very impactful and eye-catching.


So how do you rock a statement necklace?



Considered as the most iconic statement necklace, it’s probably the necklace you see on most celebrities. There’s a big chance you already own one in your jewelry box.


Now there’s absolutely no rule for wearing this piece. Usually, you can find bib necklaces with a chain fastening and adorned with crystals, beads, gems, or even threads at the front. Bib necklaces look better when paired with high and lower necklines and are ideal if you want to don a show-stopping piece of jewelry on certain occasions.


Long Pendants

People of all sizes and shapes can easily wear long pendants. The trick is knowing which length will suit you. Typically, this type of necklace should rest over your chest so that the pendant will stay above your belly button but fall below your bust. If you happen to be tall or have a fuller bust, you’ll want a slightly longer necklace. This is better for your proportion and the pendant will stay at the right area on your body.


If you’re a petite person, a necklace with a shorter length will let the pendant rest in the relatively same place. Try getting the right length of the necklace and you can pair it with any neckline or pendant. You will even look elegant and sophisticated with it. Just make sure the pendant stays in place and won’t draw attention in the wrong way.


Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have dominated the jewelry world by storm. This piece is the ideal statement necklace as it surely gets you noticed. When it comes to choosing one, think about the thickness of the necklace. If you’re thinking of statement, then thicker would be more appropriate as the thinner ones are better off layered with other necklaces. If you want to go all out, opt for something big and glitzy with gemstones or lace instead of a thin choker.


Every decade, statement necklaces always come back in style but with a different twist.  Statement necklaces have a certain appeal that makes you feel like wearing a pair of high heels. They are easy to wear and they boost your confidence. Best of all, they will always stay in vogue no matter the season!

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