3 Simple Ways to Style a Choker Necklace

3 Simple Ways to Style a Choker Necklace

There are plenty of jewelry trends that have been making a huge comeback and one of them is the choker necklace. It was one of the hottest jewelry items in 2016 and its popularity still continues this year.


Though most people think that the choker necklace is a 90s trend, it no longer is anymore. As it has taken on so many designs, the choker necklace has become a staple in every girl’s outfit.  Many have come up with ways to get creative with it. Plenty of bloggers, celebrities and jewelry enthusiasts wear choker necklaces and there’s no doubt that the demand for this jewelry item will soar in 2018.


If you want to know how to properly style your choker necklace, you can start with the ideas below:


Study your neckline.  When properly styling a choker necklace, consider the neckline of your chosen outfit. Match your choker necklace with your neckline to make your look more subdued. One example is wearing a black choker necklace on a simple black t-shirt with a crew neckline. Doing this will not only make your choker necklace an extension of your top but also, make your look more subtle and laid-back.



 Layer, layer, layer. Another great way to style your choker is to layer lots of dainty       and thin chokers. To upgrade your look, choose a metal choker and then an accent         color. If you’re going out at night, opt for a thicker choker in red or midnight blue         instead of the usual black for a more intriguing look.  In the daytime, go for thin      chokers in silver or gold tones and layer them up.


Opt for small earrings. One thing to note when wearing a choker necklace is that you have to pair it with small earrings. Keep in mind that your neck is the extension of your face and with this, wearing big earrings will over-crowd your look.


This doesn’t mean you can’t wear statement earrings but they may not be the right choice especially if you pair them with a choker necklace. Bold earrings are attention grabbing pieces and should be allowed to stand out. Pairing them with a choker necklace will make your look overdone.


Choker necklaces will always come back into fashion as they are stylish and will give you a variety of looks depending on how you style them. There’s no secret formula to wearing a choker necklace but here’s hoping the tips above will help you amplify your everyday looks. When you get creative with a choker necklace, it will take you from day to night and to any occasion.  So the next time you need a jewelry item to elevate your look, swap it for a choker necklace instead.

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