Victorian Futurism with Steampunk Jewelry

Mixing Victorian class with modern punk has never been imaginable until steampunk fashion came into existence. Coined from the word “steam” from the steam powered mechanics of the Victorian era and “punk” from the cyberpunk genre, steampunk fashion fosters fashion with a twist of science fiction. Steampunk jewelry portrays a glam-up side of hardwares like cogs, pocket watch parts molded to exude a bold and aggressive look without losing its femininity.

With steampunk rising to prominence, different online stores are already showcasing a handful of designs. Why not create a steampunk look for yourself, family and friends?

Start digging old watch parts/dials, pocket watch, brass findings and other similar hardwares and modify them into polished and high strung pieces. Use a strong glue to attach metal to metal and resins to cover metal bits since resins move and float into different positions thus altering the look of your pieces.

With this, you are ready with your very own steampunk design. Be it simple or intricate, remember that there are no rules when creating steampunk jewelry. Experiment and let your creations speak your ingenuity.

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