Tribal Jewelry Mix and Match: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Edgy and unique, tribal jewelry is the perfect addition to each season’s never-ending array of prints and patterns. Tribal jewelry can add a bohemian cool and ethnic intrigue even to the most basic ensembles. What’s great about wearing tribal jewelry is that it essentially brings freedom –you can stack pieces and mix & match colors depending on how you create your look.

With tribal jewelry already making waves in the jewelry industry, it is important to note that you try not to chase ancient warrior looks. All you need are light tribal accents to give your contemporary outfits an ethnic twist.

Now here are quick jewelry tips for a tribal-inspired look:

Opt for simple hairstyles when wearing tribal-inspired jewelry designs.

Plain clothes go well with intricate tribal jewelry. Pair a classic white tee and jeans with a mixed-metal necklace and turn an everyday look into eye-catching and trendy.

Stack on wooden bangles or a tough collar necklace for a daytime look. Come nightfall, choose something dramatic like a cocktail ring or stunning tribal earrings.

Don’t hesitate to use feathers, bright colors, large wooden beads, natural seeds and organic-looking metalwork when trying out a bold and daring look.

Ready to take a walk on the tribal side? Here are some of our tribal-inspired statements:

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