Design tip: use silver components to enhance basic jewelry

Jewelry trends this season favor the sensual and classic styles with bigger pieces, bolder colors, and unique designs. Organic /natural materials continue to grace this cooler season with focus on the “fusion” looks —popularly, with sterling silver.

Here are some basic silver jewelry beads  and findings to complete your “fusion” designs:

  • Sterling Silver Beads—perfect as spacers and fillers on beaded jewelry using similar bead shapes and asymmetrical compositions. Intersperse these small 925 sterling silver beads with like-sized beads to emphasize balance and form.
  • Sterling Silver Bead Frames—these charming bead frames are great accent or focal pieces on jewelry using plain-strung small, uniform-sized beads. Incorporate these silver frames on patterned beads or insert a small bead though each frame to emphasize it.
  • Sterling Silver Bails-are useful jewelry accessories to gracefully attach a pendant or dangles to a long chain or strung beads neckline. Make your necklace design look professional by connecting a pendant with a bail (choose a design that complements the look of your necklace).


  • Sterling Silver Links-break away from a formally balanced beaded jewelry design by adding focal links in between beads. These stylish connectors can easily add character to any strung or wired jewelry piece.
  • Sterling Silver Charms-great accent pieces on specially on bracelets and dangled earrings. These gemstone-inlaid silver charms can work as dangles or connectors depending on its design.


  • Sterling Silver Toggle Clasps-achieve a more elegant look on your necklace or bracelet with various designs and styles of toggle clasps. Finish off your jewelry like a pro with a clasp that will work as an accent or even a focal piece.

Sterling silver is a versatile jewelry component that will pair with any jewelry beads giving any jewelry piece a modern and elegant appearance.

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