Getting Inspiration for Your Jewelry Designs

As a jewelry designer, are you passionate about working on different design ideas? Do you enjoy bringing your ideas to life?


With a range of materials and fabrics to work on, the possibilities of creating a piece of jewelry are endless.  As the many choices can seem overwhelming, it can be challenging to know where to start especially if you are new at jewelry designing.  Take a cue from the ideas below so you can get inspiration for your jewelry designs.


Keep a journal.  Have you ever kept a journal? Do you dabble in creative writing? Do you like doodling during long office meetings or while you’re on the phone? These little habits can, at times, lead to some very creative design ideas. Objects, outlines and basic shapes when put together can turn into unique jewelry designs. Keep a journal handy at all times so you can capture those random ideas and put them on paper.


Read, Read, Read. Reading more magazines and jewelry books can help you spark off new ideas. Whether you want to make your own bespoke beads from scratch or take inspiration from the most complex weaving styles, there are plenty of books available to keep your creative juices flowing. There are even free downloads online so you can browse through different articles on your favorite device.


Get Hands On. Now that you have read some articles and gained knowledge on jewelry styles, you need to spend more time in jewelry shops and various jewelry exhibitions. Sit with artists and work closely with them. Pay attention to what they say so you will gain practical knowledge. Learn and be inspired by the entire creative process and know what techniques they use. From concept to creation, real and hands-on experience will help you come up with designs that are possible to manufacture. At the end of the day, your main objective should be to create a practical and economically viable piece.


There is absolutely no shortage of inspirational designs, techniques and ideas in the beading world. But sometimes, inspiration isn’t something that comes to you. There are days when you must make an active approach to discover it.   When you have a great design idea, the next step is just knowing how to piece together all the different components and voilà! You now have a finished jewelry project. Isn’t that rewarding?


Every jewelry enthusiast has his own ways of getting inspiration. How do you inspire yourself creatively? Let us know in the comments below!



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