6 Jewelry Pieces That Will Elevate Your Winter Looks

The cold season is officially upon us! I bet you are ready with your turtlenecks and thick winter coats and have cleaned your favorite boots. You might even have prepared your scarves or maybe knitted new ones. You are absolutely winter ready!  But what about your jewelry?


As temperatures continue to drop, your jewelry styles should elevate. From statement rings, thick hoops and layered necklaces, this winter calls for jewelry that stands out even if you’re all bundled up. Now here are 6 ways to update your accessories for the cold season.


  • Bright Metals. Go bold or go home! As much as an understated pair of studs will make you look like a girl next door, this winter calls for bright metals that will let you stand out. Be it silver, gold, or mirrored, bright metals are attention-grabbing pieces worth buying this winter season.


  • Statement Rings. Thin and delicate gold bands are still worn by trendsetters and jewelry enthusiasts but statement rings are making a comeback. Adorn your fingers with thick metal bands or oversized stones. Or, you can go for the layered, thread-like ones.


  • Thick and Textured Hoops.  Delicate earrings are taking a step back this season as the sturdier counterpart is taking the lead: thick and textured hoops.  A big trend in the ‘80s and early ‘90s and the trademark of hip-hop royalties, thick and textured hoops are not only the ideal, everyday throwback but are also investment pieces that will give you a timeless look.


  • Long Necklaces. Colored tassels and shoulder length earrings are all the rage these days. But long necklaces are following suit. Think long, chunky ropes and cords that embrace the maximalist trend — a fun way to give dimension to your everyday looks!


  • Signet Rings. Originally used as seals in ancient Egypt, the signet rings are back to add more flair and style to your wardrobe. These rings come in all shapes and sizes and will definitely put a more personalized touch to your fingers.


  • Crystal Studded Danglers. Who says this party-girl staple is just for the dance floor? Disco-like chandelier earrings are just in time to grace the cold season. With your oversized blazers and chunky knits, you need crystal studded danglers that will amplify your look and give you the classic ‘80s vibe.


Just because you’re wearing layers of clothes doesn’t mean you will cut back on the quality of your jewelry. What we have here are jewelry pieces that will make your winter a bit brighter and warmer.  So, cheer yourself with a repurposed jewelry or something new that will breathe life to your wardrobe.

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