Why You Should Try Using Coconut Jewelry

One of our most unique jewelry is the coconut beads and pendants. As the name suggests, it’s made from natural coconuts from the tropical country of the Philippines. Below are some reasons why you should try out this amazing jewelry material.


1. All-natural and abundant raw material!

Our coconut raw material comes from a very natural source—and more importantly, the material is very ample. You see, one of the common problems that arise with some jewelry materials is that the materials are extremely rare—which in turn, raises the prices of these materials.


Coconuts are so bountiful in the Philippines that you could see it any part of the country. Of course, with the materials being so many and readily available, the prices of the raw material are low.


2. Various designs and shapes can be made

Because the supply of coconut raw materials is plentiful, countless designs can be created. Various shapes like disks, oval, round and other shape formats can be easily crafted since coconuts are easier to shape unlike common metal jewelry.


If you’re someone who is fund of using distinct designs and shapes, then you will surely love to try out coconut beads and pendants.


3. Perfect for creating Indigenous or Natural type of jewelry

It’s not a surprise that coconut jewelry is mainly used by jewelry designers for their more indigenous or natural accessory creations. After all, the coconut raw material itself is a pure and natural component.

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