Our Top 3 Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Beads and Pieces is doing its part to help preserve our precious environment. You see, there are raw materials needed in jewelry—and sometimes, procuring or producing these certain materials can damage the environment. Some jewelry makers have taken the initiative to find other viable source materials that don’t cause any ecological harm. Listed below is our top 3 eco-friendly jewelry. 


1. Horn and Bone Jewelry 

Instead of just wasting the other parts of the water buffalo in the Philippines, jewelry makers have made use of its bone and horn parts. Amazing designs can be made with these jewelry components.  


2. Recycled Paper Beads

In a third world country like the Philippines, waste is a huge problem. One of its major wastes is paper. However, paper can be recycled for various uses, even in jewelry-making.  Recycled paper beads are a growing jewelry trend that is both creative and eco-friendly. Designers can easily create their own recycled paper beads with used papers, magazines, and other paper material. There are also dozens of tutorials online that show how one can make these recycled paper jewelry. There are also pre-made recycled paper beads that can be purchased online.


3. Limestone Jewelry 

Corals are an important part of our marine ecosystem. If a great population of coral reefs is diminished, it will negatively affect marine life. Corals are farmed for its color and to make eye-catching jewelry. This is obviously a great threat to the environment and needs to be resolved. A few groups of the jewelry industry sought other materials and found limestone. Amazingly, limestone shares the same luster and look of corals, making it the perfect substitute. 


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