How to Sell Your Jewelry Online Easily

How to Sell Your Jewelry Online Easily

How to Sell Your Jewelry Online Easily

Are you planning to sell your jewelry online? If so, you need to take a few things in consideration before transacting online. You see, there are two types of jewelry sellers online; sellers who auction their jewelry in online shops and those who want to engage a full-fledged jewelry business. Identifying which type of jewelry seller you are will help make things easier for you.


Auctioning Jewelry Online

-This is the best option for those who sell their jewelry from time-to-time or just want to sell unwanted jewelry.



-This is one of the most established online shops in the web so that means its credible and you don’t have to worry about your jewelry getting mishandled. However, there are requirements and standardizations that can become a headache for some people. If you plan to sell replicas then you need to find other online auctions since they don’t accept it (in the case of jewelry selling).



-Fast and easy, those are the words to describe Ebay. It’s another online auction powerhouse that has more than 149 million active members. “149 million”, just think of all those potential buyers! The fees can be a bit expensive though, you see, Ebay takes 10% of your sold item.




– With 40 million active members and counting; Etsy has a great number of potential buyers for your jewelry. It also has a supportive online community that can make your online selling a breeze. Furthermore, Etsy is more affordable than Ebay in terms of selling your jewelry online. Etsy may charge 20 cents per item posting but it only take 3.5% of the sale while Ebay takes 10% of the final sale. Two major downsides of using Etsy are the rough competition and little personalization for your online shop.



Your Own Ecommerce Website

– Ecommerce websites are perfect for those who want to start their very own online jewelry business. You have more control with your products and you can even establish yourself as a reputable brand. Furthermore, discounts can be easily applied without worrying about listing fees or sales cuts. Personalization is also a key benefit in having your own Ecommerce website.  What’s the catch? You have to do a lot of marketing. Unlike virtual auctions which already have an established flow of customers, your website will start with little to no customer pool.

There are a lot of Ecommerce websites and each of them offers different pricing and features. Below are some of the reputable ecommerce services in the web.








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