Diamond Test

3 Tests You Can Use to Check if Your Diamond is Real or Fake

Diamond Test

Diamonds are surely one of the top-selling gemstones in the world—and considerably one of the most famous ones. Its fame is garnered from the heavy and consistent advertising diamond companies, and it has etched itself to the public’s image as a luxury that only a few can afford.

Heck, people are even sold to the idea that the engagement ring should always be a pricey diamond. But where not here to talk about the value of diamond, we’re here to talk about how you can check if your diamond is authentic by applying a few tests. Try out these 3 tests to tell if your diamond is real or fake.


Diamond Test 1: Sink or Swim 

This test is definitely easy-to-prepare and execute. Just prepare any container that will allow you to submerge your diamond. Put water on the container, get your diamond, and let it sink! Just be sure your diamond isn’t attached to any metal components. Now, if your diamond sinks then good news! Your diamond is highly authentic. However, if the diamond floats, then it might be an imitation.


Diamond Test 2: Breath

Simply put the diamond near your mouth and breathe in front of the diamond just like breathing into a mirror to make it foggy. A real diamond should not have any foggy reaction; whereas counterfeit diamonds have a foggy feedback just like a mirror.


Diamond Test 3: Read a Newspaper with a Diamond 

This test is best applied with large diamonds. Anyway, use the diamond as if it’s a magnifying glass and try to read the written content of the newspaper. Real diamonds refract light so assuming your diamond is real; you shouldn’t be able to read the newspaper content.

Still have doubts? Then bring your diamond to a jewelry or gemstone expert and let them have a comprehensive probe on your diamond.

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