How to Buy the Right Gemstone

How to Buy the Right Gemstone

How to Buy the Right Gemstone

Gemstones are a favorite among jewelry designers and jewelry enthusiasts around the world. Its rich color is something that makes it attractive and simply irresistible. Not to mention there are various kinds of gemstones with distinct feature and colors—making them fun to collect. Unfortunately, authentic gemstones are extremely rare and difficult to mine which is why it has high price tags.

Also, the price will also depend on each gemstone, for example: Jadeite is insanely rare that it costs at least $3 million per carat, while other gemstones are more affordable like Amethyst; which is $10 per carat. Due to the high demand of gemstones (and its limited supply), some entrepreneurs have ventured into producing imitation gemstones.

This allows gemstones to be more available to the “Average Joe/ Plain Jane”. You can purchase the right gemstone that will fit your style, whether the gemstone is an imitation, genuine, enhanced, etc. Read these general tips to find your perfect gemstone.


1. Make a Budget Plan

Creating a budget plan will help you set realistic purchasing goals for your gemstone shopping. Setting a price range is very crucial for those who have limited financial resources. It’s best not to overestimate or underestimate your purchasing power. You can set aside some of your extra money from your income and label it as your gemstone shopping money.


2. Know What You Want

Take a bit of your time thinking what kind of gemstone you really crave. Do you want something that has a green hue? Do you want a mimic or a genuine gemstone? Do you desire a rare or a more “common” kind of gemstone? These are just basic questions you need to ask yourself before making a gemstone purchase. Rushing to buy gemstones due to peer pressure or because it’s trendy is something you don’t want to do.


3. Research your Gemstone

So, you set a budget and after a considerable amount of time reflecting what kind of gemstone you want, you finally set your eyes upon your ideal gemstone. Now, the next thing you need to do is to spend some time researching your desired gemstone. Scour both online and offline shops and compare the prices to find the best deal. It would be best to purchase your gemstones from a well-known and respected gemstone seller.

Another thing to research is the hardness rating of the gemstone. The hardness rating is extremely important for those who want to integrate gemstones with metal components or jewelry. You see, gemstones that have low hardness rating are not recommended for everyday wear but for occasional wear only.

If you plan on placing your gemstones on jewelry that will be used everyday, you need to know if the gemstone you’re buying is suitable for those conditions. Ask your trusted supplier or gemstone/jewelry experts to inquire more about the gemstones you’re planning to buy.




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