Methods You Can Use to Clean Your Gold Accessories

3 Methods You Can Use to Clean Your Gold Accessories

Here are some ways on how you can clean and preserve your gold jewelry

Gold is one of the most popular and expensive precious metals in the world. Aside from its impeccable glimmer, gold is favored amongst other metals since it doesn’t rust. The fact that gold doesn’t corrode or tarnish is not an excuse for you not to clean them. You see, despite gold’s outstanding quality, it is still prone to dirt and grime, so it’s best if you clean your gold jewelry diligently. Here are some ways on how you can clean and preserve your gold jewelry.

(Do not use these methods when you have gemstones attached to your gold jewelry!)


1. Clean with the help of Detergent

Things You Need:

*Any dish detergent will do the trick

*Small brush with soft bristles

*Dry and clean cloth

*Lukewarm Water


1.First things first, mix a small amount of the detergent into a bowl of lukewarm water.

2.Next, you drench your gold item into the mixture and leave it there for a couple of minutes so that the dirt can be easily removed when you’re about to brush it.

3.You then clean the gold piece with the brush.

4.After that, wash it with running and clean water. Wipe the water residue with your dry and clean cloth.


2. Toothpaste 

Well, it’s not just toothpaste since you need to add a bit of water, like a tablespoon of water. Mix an inch of toothpaste with the tablespoon of water to create a pasty solution. Use a soft bristled toothbrush, the brush can be old or new as long as it has soft bristles. You can also apply the paste solution with a clean cloth. Lastly, wash the paste off with water.


3. Ethyl/Isopropyl alcohol

Simply rub alcohol with a cloth to the gold piece to remove dirt and grime. This is actually safer than popular methods you see on the web like boiling water and ammonia. Although ammonia is an effective way to clean gold, we do not recommend it since it’s a harsh chemical. Boiling water may also damage your gold items and even potentially harm your skin.


*You can instill jewelry cleaning from jewelry professionals or shops for a safer and cleaner gold-cleaning, but it will probably cost a bit of money. The choice is up to you!

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