Necklaces for clothes necklines

How to Choose a Necklace that Will Match Your Clothes’ Necklines

Different types of dresses have different necklines. It’s crucial for you to consider what necklace you’re going to wear so that it will compliment the dress and yourself. You probably don’t have the time to try out all the types of necklaces on various dresses so here’s a list on what generally is a good match between distinct necklines and necklaces.


Bateau neckline

This type of neckline basically encloses the top portion of the neckline. To pair this neckline, all you need is a simple lengthy necklace. It can either be a single or layered one.

2. Draped 

Draped neckline








For the draped neckline, you need to have pendant that is short but exquisite.

3. Plunging 

Plunging neckline

Ironically, this blog is about choosing pendants for different necklines but we’re giving a tip in which you don’t need to wear any pendant for this particular neckline. You see, the plunging neckline is already an accessory itself, and if you add a pendant, it could overkill the dress and make it somewhat “bulky.”  If you want to accessorize, just concentrate on other accessories like bracelets, earrings, and rings.

4. Round

Round neckline

The round neckline is very similar to the bateau neckline, so this means you can go use the same long necklace style. You can add dangling items to the long necklace if you want more embellishment.

5. Square 

Square neckline

To make the square neckline more fashionable and symmetrical, use short necklaces. Ideally, the necklace should be a plump, elegant and with round curves.

6. Sweetheart

Compliment the neckline with simple necklaces like petite bib necklaces or necklaces that hare thickset. 

7. V-Shaped

V-Shaped neckline

Pair the v-shaped neckline with a v-shaped or y-shaped necklace. A simple necklace pendant is also a good choice if you want to wear one.


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