Gold-Filled vs. Gold-Plated

Gold-Filled vs. Gold-Plated: What’s the Difference?

After trying out dozens of beads, pendants, and other jewelry pieces, you decided to try out some gold accessories. You start searching for the best gold items on the net, and found descriptions of gold ornaments that are “gold-filled” or “gold-plated”. Let me tell you that they’re not the same and that you should really know the difference of the two. Naturally, you want to know which one is better, but first, let’s differentiate the two.


Gold Filled 

The first thing you obviously want to know is which one has more gold content. Truth be told, gold filled items have more gold than gold-plated. This is because gold filled jewelry has large coats of gold layers mixed with the secondary metal or whatever jewelry piece the gold is combined to. You may also encounter solid gold items. Now these ones are pure gold accessories, thus, more expensive than gold filled and gold plated jewelry. Gold filled is like the more affordable version of solid gold.  


Gold Plated 

Gold plated has less gold content but it’s still a popular choice. Also, it’s sturdy since the gold is coated unto a tough primary component or metal. With its durability and low-cost price, it’s no wonder that gold plated items are famous alternatives for gold jewelry.   


The Verdict:

If you want to have a gold jewelry that is more economic than solid gold and still has great gold content, it would be your best interest to purchase gold filled jewelry. In case that you want something more affordable than gold filled then you can opt for gold plated jewelry.  


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