How to Patina your Beads and Other Jewelry

How to Patina your Beads and Other Jewelry

Patina Jewelry

First of all, what is patina? Patina is tarnished layers that form on common metals that make them look old and rustic. Of course, most people wouldn’t want to “tarnish” their beads or jewelry, but some people prefer the style of patina jewelry. But before you do add patina to your jewelry, make sure you thoroughly clean the metal pieces first with common dish soap. You can choose among these different patina techniques.


1. Water Submersion

Patina jewelry by water submersion

This is a the easiest patina technique. All you need are water, jewelry and a container to place all of the contents in. Simply submerge the jewelry into the water and wait. It may take weeks until the patina is formed. It’s a slow process, so be patient.


2. Patina Products

How to use patina products

If you do not have the time, or which to achieve that patina look more quickly, you can use a product specially created for it. “Swellegant” patina products are a great brand. You can choose among various types of patina products like “Green Rust” (creates a green colorization), “Darkening” (rusty effect), and so many more.


3. Salt and Vinegar

Patina jewelry with salt and vinegar

Salt and vinegar is another cheap way to patina your jewelry. Simply mix a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and few teaspoons of salt together in a container. After you have fully mixed them, submerge your jewelry and wait.


4. Eggs

How to use eggs for patina jewelry

Using eggs for patina is a little know technique. The first step is to boil an egg. Once you have a hard boiled egg, then cut in half and place it into a bag with your jewelry. After that, wait at least two days. If you are not happy with the effect, leave the egg and jewelry for a longer period and see what happens.

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