Common Beading Mistakes to Avoid

4 Common Beading Mistakes to Avoid

Common Beading Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to avoid beading mistakes

If you plan on starting to bead, then you’re probably excited to take on the challenge of creating new pieces of art that you will be proud to show-off. However, you’re going to face a lot of challenges in your beading art, especially if you’re still new to the craft. Just like any other art, beginners are prone to make mistakes.  There’s no shame in making mistakes, but it can be more advantageous on your part if you are careful and avoid error. Here are 4 common beading/jewelry-making mistakes you should avoid.


*Taking on Expert Level Bead Projects

Advance beading technique

You might have all the necessary beads and tools for your beadwork project, but that doesn’t guarantee you will flawlessly complete the whole craft. You need to consider your skill level as a beading artist. Some of you might have tried to engage on beading projects that require a lot of experience and skill, and failed to finish the project.

You will gain skill as you keep creating projects and develop. Take on some small and easy projects first. As you improve your skill, you will soon be able to tackle more advance beading projects.


*Not Using The Specified Beads

Types of beads

A common mistake that beginners make is using any any and all beads for any craft. Certain beads have certain purposes.  Don’t just assume you can re-create any project or design with whatever beads and materials you have on hand. Different threads, wires, bead sizes, and bead materials all play a role in a design. In summary:  follow the instructions in the bead project guidelines.


*Not Trying to Explore Stitching Techniques

Bead Stitching Techniques

Finding a bead stitch you enjoy using is great, but don’t stick to just that one. Not branching out and trying new stitches could actually hinder your skill development Learning new stitches will expand your skill and knowledge base. Try new stitches, you will find others you like and maybe some you prefer to not utilize. Practice your bead stitching styles and grow as a beader.


*Using Copious Amounts of Thread

Beading threads

As a beginner beader, you noticed that it becomes a major hassle adding new threads when you’re still working on a piece. You guess the best solution is to use a really lengthy thread. This is actually is a lot more inconvenient than you would think. Lots of thread can cause tangles and knots, as well as get hooked on objects near you. To avoid this common mistake, use an arm-span length of thread when you stitch. This is actually more time-saving and effortless than using a really long strand of thread that snatches and tangles.

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