5 Jewelry Trends You Need to Invest In this Winter

5 Jewelry Trends You Need to Invest In this Winter

Accessories have always been a great way to elevate your looks. Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s the perfect time to sprinkle a bit of fun jewelry styles to your layered outfits.


Treat yourself to some of the finest jewelry pieces this season. From gold, chains, and crystals to oversized chokers and statement earrings, let these pieces make you feel warm on the inside. Invest in any of them and you are sure to have years and years of outstanding jewelry collection.



This elegant piece has been a classic staple, but it will shine brightly during the winter months. Gold makes you look polished and elegant. It may be a bit too flashy for some, but let’s be honest, gold jewelry has that finishing touch to any minimalist wardrobe. It also gives you that regal and stately feel.



Whether you love something bold and chunky or maybe slim and slinky, chains will surely give you either of those looks (or even both!). It’s no wonder some people feel ecstatic when this trend reappear season after season. You can wear a single chain or layer different styles. Chain jewelry is also the perfect accessory to glam up and add a bit of drama to your big coats.



A lot of people have a penchant for crystal healing. Many believe that crystals are lucky charms, can safeguard the wearer from evil, and invite positive energy. When it comes to jewelry, there’s nothing like the power of crystal necklaces and pendants that guarantee the wearer good vibes, a sparkly look, and a zen feeling all at the same time.

The Single Statement Earring

Say hello to edgy. The single statement earring isn’t for the prim and proper. It’s unconventional, has a punk rock feel, and it’s not your run-of-the-mill look. This trend always takes a new iteration every season and for winter, the bigger the better. Wear your single statement earring and put a new spin to your everyday looks. Most importantly, wear it with confidence.


Oversized Chokers

The torque has been hailed for years as a resplendent jewelry. Originating from Greek jewelry houses, it takes on a new form — both a choker and a necklace. This season, oversized chokers are the ultimate pieces to add a warrior touch to a dress (hello Christmas parties!). They accentuate your collarbone and give you that Greek goddess persona.


Winter may require you to wear layers but that doesn’t mean you should skip the accessories. Wear your best coat, accessorize with a few jewelry pieces, and put a bit of sparkle to your monochromatic outfits. Let the power of jewelry give you warmth, comfort, and style this winter season.


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