6 Color Trends to Inspire You this Summer

6 Color Trends to Inspire You this Summer

With everything that’s going on in the world, we need something to lift us from the rather somber mood in the past months. We need some inspiration and what better way to seek inspiration than to embrace an array of colors this summer.


Now a lot of you may be working from home, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up. Perhaps rummaging through your closet and taking out that outfit you haven’t seen in a while will uplift you and better yet, entice you to pair it with colorful jewelry.


Regardless if you’re working from home or are heading out somewhere this summer, here are 6 summer color trends that will inspire you to bring more colors to your jewelry collection.









Bold Red

This fiery red tone speaks of confidence, boldness, high energy, and fun. Even if you’re in an online conference, why not wear a jewelry in red to fire you up and give you some energy to tackle the day’s work.










A cool and relaxed hue is just what you need to remind you of green fields and meadows in the countryside. Let this color make you feel like you’re walking along verdant hills and seeing nature’s rich foliage.








Coral Pink

Chic and very girly, coral pink has a delicate feel to it. For daytime looks, pink jewelry can be best paired with summer dresses. Come nighttime, go for silk, sequins, and textured fabrics.









Missed that feeling of being out in the sun? Saffron will help you feel warm and will add more vibrancy and sunshine to your days even if you’re just sitting on your desk all day long.









Purple is an interesting color, but lavender is one to be experimented with this hot season. It’s a sophisticated color that feels dreamy especially when you pair it with demure dresses — think lacy and sheer clothes for a romantic summer night.










Summer wouldn’t be complete without a big dose of white to aid us in the heat! An all-white jewelry will have you feeling comfy despite the hot weather. Wherever you’re headed to, you can never go wrong when you adorn your outfits with white jewelry –simple and understated elegance.

Don’t just limit yourself to one color– embrace all of them! But if you opt for tones that certainly depict your personal style, that’s absolutely okay (though a bit of experimentation would be fun). With so many colors to choose from, we hope you will feel more vibrant and uplifted regardless if you’re working from home or going out on a short trip with your loved-ones.

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