Ear Jewelry: Which Style Suits Your Face Shape?

Some things will never go out of style. The classic white shirt, the basic black LBD and of course, stud or pearl earrings that you wear almost everyday and on any occasion.


The right pair of earrings can definitely enhance your features. But do you know which style is appropriate for the shape of your face? How do you begin the design process when designing a variety of earrings?


These are questions faced by many beaders and jewelry designers. The best way to start is to familiarize the 7 different face shapes. From there, you can already figure out which style suits your customer’s face shape.



Pear-Shaped (or Triangular) Face

This shape is great for donning ear cuffs and any style that sits above the lobe. This is to make sure that the jawline will not be highlighted. You can also go for button earrings and similar styles that curve upward.


Heart-Shaped Face

Soften the edges of your pointed chin with teardrop-shaped styles and hoop earrings with horizontal line patterns. Also, wear a pair of wide chandelier earrings to add width to your face.


Round Face

Make your face look slimmer (or even thinner) with the right pair of dangle earrings! Also, work with vertical lines of drop-style and narrow chandelier earrings that will add height to your features.


Diamond-Shaped (Quadrangular) Face

Oval earrings and chandeliers will soften this face shape. Circular earrings and teardrops can also do the trick. Do away with shoulder duster earrings as this pair can make your face look a bit long.


Oblong (or Rectangular) Face

For oblong face shape, start with a pair of bold, short, and preferably wide chandeliers with vibrant colors and movement. This will incorporate width to your face and conceal its length.


Oval Face

Work with hoops and triangles as these can accentuate the shape of the face. Chandeliers and teardrops can also enhance oval-shaped faces.


Square Face

Faces that have a square shape are best paired with long teardrops or narrow chandelier earrings. These styles will soften the outline of your face while adding visual height.


Add a bit of pizzazz to your looks with the right pair of earrings that will highlight your best features. We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect face. We have certain features that we prefer to hide or maybe fade into the background. But with our list above, we hope that you can accentuate your favorite facial feature with the most suitable pair of earrings.

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