Bone Beads: From a Prehistoric Adornment to a Sought-After Jewelry

Did you know that bone jewelry played a role in human prehistory?


The first human beings liked to create beautiful adornments which served as gifts to another. Bone jewelry was actually one of the first types of prehistoric adornment.


A bit of history…

Believed to be made from naturally available materials like bones, shells, stone, wood, and animal teeth, the earliest forms of jewelry began as a functional piece and evolved into a religious symbol to a decorative ornament. Humans of long ago created fascinating jewelry and used the sharp edge of a stone and a saw or a hard piece of slate or sandstone. Scientists discovered that personal adornments particularly bone beads were worn for a long time as they showed rubbing marks and other signs of tear.


At present…

Nowadays, bone beads are huge in the jewelry industry. Jewelry makers and craftsmen produced bone beads for the global market in a range of creative designs. They come in different end products like necklaces, bangles, cuff bracelets, lamp stands, and photo frames.


Bone beads are created using the latest equipment. Some of the pieces are either hand-painted and coated in lacquer to protect the beads. There are still others that are produced using traditional methods like lashing and carving.


Animal bones are usually white while the horn is typically black. There are some that are cream colored and a few others are stained in different colors.

With its earthy and fashionable feel, you can wear bone jewelry with your casual outfits like shirt and denim. Do take note that when creating your own bone jewelry, you can always incorporate other materials to elevate its look and feel.


In order to maintain the quality your bone jewelry, it should be stored in a soft pouch. Wear it after applying perfume or hairspray to avoid stain. Be wary of natural skin oils since they can discolor your jewelry. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat or cold and soaking your jewelry in water may crack the beads. Don’t forget to wipe your bone accessory with a soft cloth after wearing.


With the huge demand for natural jewelry components across the globe, there’s no denying that bone beads are sought-after because they are affordable and come in different designs. The next time you create your own jewelry, why not work your creativity with bone beads!

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