Basic Beading Supplies Part 2

Basic Beading Supplies for a Smooth and Fun Beadwork Part 2

A piece of intricate jewelry, when created by a beader for the first time, can be absolutely gorgeous. But it can also be a bit challenging to work on.


With a few basic tools, you should have no trouble in continuing your jewelry projects and in making your work wildly artistic in the future.


Magnifier. You may have a work light to use but it would be much better to purchase a magnifier. This will help you minimize eye fatigue and lets you enjoy beading. The choices range from a jeweler’s optivisor to clip-on models that hook onto your light. Also, you can go for a lamp with a built-in magnifier. Purchase a simple and affordable magnifier to start with.


Thread Conditioner. Lubricating beading threads, thread conditioner is just what you need to lessen tangles and to make your thread slightly stronger. You can only use this when you work with nylon beading thread that is preconditioned or prewaxed. It is important to note that polyethylene threads don’t need thread conditioner.


Bead Soup Jar. One of the most affordable items on your toolkit, bead soup jars are great for putting small amounts of random beads that you pick up while beading. You can create beading jars from any clear, lidded jar. Start by washing your empty olive jar or peanut butter jar and store your favorite beads in them.


Bead Scoops. These small, lightweight metal shovels are handy when you want to pick up beads from either your bead mat or bead dishes. Bead scoops make your work faster as you can easily pour a handful of beads back into their storage containers or the bead soup jar. You can purchase a flat scoop for a start, and later on, a deep triangle scoop.


Spring Clamps. Starting out with beading is a bit difficult and you might need extra assistance. This is where spring clamps come in. They’re great for holding wire while you’re stringing beads and for keeping your beadwork secure when you want to continue beading the next day.


Wire Cutters. You may have a pair of beading scissors, but it’s always a good idea to use wire cutters for cutting beading wire. Never use beading scissors in cutting wires as they could get damaged or the blades might get dull. Purchase a pair of regular wire cutters as well as a pair of memory wire cutters and look for quality ones.


The list of basic beading supplies is complete and you’re now ready to work on your projects with ease and convenience. Look for these important tools at the nearest local shop so you can be prepared for more projects in the future. You’ll never regret having the basics on hand when creating beaded jewelry!

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