5 Beading Resolutions to Kick start Your Year

5 Beading Resolutions to Kick start Your Year

Another year, another set of beading activities to look forward to!

We now refresh, renew, start on a clean slate, and make resolutions we try hard to keep no matter what.

So, what changes have you been wanting to make with your beadwork? How would you like your beading experience to be this year? Challenging? Fun? A bit of both?

Read our suggestions below and kick your beading life to high gear!

 Organize, organize, organize
Commit to organizing your beading purchases before you go full speed with your projects. You might find this a bit tiresome at first especially when there are new projects on your list. But taking the time to organize your purchased items will let you work smoothly. You will also less likely to misplace some important items. Organizing will only take a few minutes and you can find the needed pieces quicker and easier.

 Beading Classes
If you’re new to beading or have been beading for a while, it might be best to take beading classes every now and then. You can always read books and watch tutorials online but it’s different when you’ve got hands-on experience with a beading instructor. With beading classes, you learn valuable techniques and meet new friends along the way. Who knows, you might gain future business partners!

 No to unfinished work
Have you ever tried working on a beading project and stopped midway? Are you the type to leave “almost finished” jewelry sitting on your work space for weeks or months and deciding if they’re not good enough? Whether you’ll wear or sell your finished beadwork, this year should be all about finishing that long overdue project.

 Know the cost of your purchases
If want to turn beading into business, one important thing to remember is how much you should charge your beaded jewelry. It’s difficult to set the price if you don’t know the cost of your purchased items. So, each time you buy new beads, make it a point to calculate the cost of each item so you’ll know how to appropriately price your beadwork.

 Try something new
Whether it’s a new project that involves different colors or a challenging beading technique, take on new and bigger projects so you won’t get stuck in a rut. Invest your time in experimenting with your creativity. Enough of the old stories like “I can’t do wire work” or “I can never be good at spirals, braids, and circles” and put your creativity at play!

With the new year around the corner, it’s time take your beading skills to the next level. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a designer, or want to bead for fun, we hope that our list of beading resolutions will inspire you to do more and get more done this year. Here’s to another year of beadweaving bliss!

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