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Top 6 Jewelry Must-Haves This Fall

Fall is definitely around the corner and with the new season, a lot of us like to update a few pieces in our wardrobe –from dresses to tops to footwear and yes, our jewelry collection. Summer got us all loving the colorful trinkets but this fall, what jewelry craze are we going to be obsess with?

Get into the autumnal spirit with our list of fall-inspired jewelry below.

Pearls — Reinvented! Pearls are making a big resurgence this year! We’re not talking about your grandma’s pearls of course. We’re talking about reinventing and restyling pearls your own way! String them on wire to give them a more fashion-forward look — they will absolutely go with everything in your wardrobe. You can even string them with white quartz for a more delicate and sophisticated feel.

Nature-inspired Pieces. You would think that natural themes are big in spring but they’re even bigger this fall! Stock up on earrings and necklaces with flowers, leaves, feathers, and even butterflies for a fun take on your jewelry collection. Nature-themed pieces have a great movement when worn and provide a pick-me-up after months of blissful vacations and summer Fridays.

Lockets. Popular during the Victorian era, lockets have been coming in and out of fashion a lot of times. Lockets offer the ultimate sentimental trinket for photos and other treasured mementos. Be it celebrating your girl squad’s individual signs or birthdays of your babies, lockets are a great way to celebrate life’s different occasions. This fall would be the best time to don your favorite lockets for a bit of vintage inspiration.

Brooches. Brooches have officially made a comeback in women’s fashion this year. Brooches made it big in the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s and now they’re back — bigger and bolder than ever! With fall around the corner, these exquisite pieces can be styled on a dress, worn on your favorite blazer, and embellished on your go-to overcoat.

Charm Bracelet. This is a big childhood throwback to the days when you trade charms in school. For this fall, let the charm bracelet work its way into your jewelry collection. There are plenty of ready-made options but you can always choose a quirky one that has a brass leaf and acorn charms — the perfect way to describe the falling leaves of the season.

Gold Chains. You may think that gold chains are too fancy to wear everyday but think again! Considered as the plain white T-shirts of the jewelry world, dainty gold chains are must-haves for jewelry enthusiasts. So whether you go for a feminine look or hip-hop inspired, these delicate pieces will never go out of season.

As temperatures go down and layers come into play, now is the time to go shopping for jewelry that will complement your wardrobe. You don’t need to make a major overhaul in your jewelry collection. Just throwing in a new set of baubles offer an energizing take on your look as you usher in the new season. The items in your closet may be plentiful but here’s hoping your fall-inspired jewelry pieces are impactful!

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