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Different Types and Styles of Rings & Their Significance Part 2

Wearing a ring for some people carry a symbolic meaning. For others, they are meant as fashion staples. Whatever purpose the ring serves be it allegiance to a congregation or a marital status, a lot of us can be very specific when it comes to the design, cut, and style of our chosen ring. But how will you know if you’ve chosen the perfect ring for you?


Since there are many kinds of rings and some of them come from early times, our part 2 of this blog post will help you broaden your knowledge about a variety of rings so you can choose one that best suits you.


Claddagh Ring. This is a traditional Irish/Celtic ring that has two hands holding a crowned heart. While the crown stands for loyalty, the heart symbolizes love and the hands represent friendship. If worn on the right and the heart faces the wearer, it means that he is in a relationship. However, if you wear the claddagh ring on your left, this means that you’ve found your love and you want to get married.


Gimmel Ring. This is a ring that was quite popular during the 16th and 17th century in Western Europe. Back in the old days, gimmel rings served as engagement rings. There were also times when gimmel rings were exchanged between two men as a symbol of friendship. In modern times, the gimmel ring rarely has gemstones and if it has one, this ring is classified as valuable.


Spinner Ring. This type of ring has two bands, one is composed of the base and the other acts as a spinning insert. It may be adorned with intricate patterns or feature engravings.


  • Stone Ring. The 3-stone ring symbolizes the past, present, and future. The three stones typically have different colors, shapes, sizes, and gemstones but need to complement each other and should have a degree of symmetry. Some 3-stone rings represent three children in the family. Others carry a religious significance of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Stack Rings(s). Sometimes called “stackers,” this kind of ring shows two or more bands that are worn together on the same finger. Some stackers have a variety of stones while others have identical parts. The sizes vary and look catchy especially when stacked together.


Contemporary Ring. This ring features a design that is updated with the latest trends. What contributes to its modern look is the design, cut, setting, and even the choice of materials. Most contemporary rings are made of titanium and palladium as opposed to other jewelry which is made of silver or 18k yellow gold. Rather than having ornate or flamboyant designs, modern rings typically have a clean, minimalist look.


Posy Ring. You can find an inscription or verse on the inner surface of posy rings. The quotes are originally in Norman French and later on, in French, Latin, and English. Posy rings were exchanged between lovers from 15th to 17th century in England and France.


Vintage Ring. This ring was created between 1920-1980. Usually pre-owned, vintage rings are now making waves and are set in different styles. They are very different from antique rings which were crafted over 100 years ago.


Cluster Ring. This ring has gemstones of various sizes or multiple diamonds that are placed together in one setting. Some rings contain a main gemstone with smaller stones that serve as accents.


Wedding Band. This ring has no noticeable top and is uniform in width. Wedding bands are worn by both men and women on their left finger to show that they are married. The ring might be a single gold band or can be etched with a set of gemstones.


Semi-mount Ring. This is an engagement ring that is engraved with side stones but with no main center stone as it is yet to be chosen by the groom-to-be.


Now that you already know the different types of rings, it is important to note that since you will be wearing them for years or even for a lifetime, you need to choose wisely. If you want to give a ring as a gift, consider the length and the size of the fingers and how it looks on the recipient. But before that, know the style of the person first so you can find the ideal ring that suits him perfectly.

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