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Summer Weddings: How to Look Put-Together as a Wedding Guest

Summer is officially here and that means vacations, festivals, pool parties, and summer weddings of course!


Speaking of weddings, have you ever received a wedding invitation that left you feeling confused about what to wear?


You’re not alone as this is a rather common problem. To help you choose a wedding outfit and jewelry the next time you attend a summer wedding, we’ve created a list of wedding themes plus the appropriate wedding guest ensemble that goes with each theme.


Beach Formal. When someone mentions beach formal, only one word comes to mind — fun! Though the wedding is held at the beach, be sure to look elegant but also include an element of fun to your outfit. Pick out the best formal sundress you can find or a knee-length one. Wear soft makeup and don a pair of sandals, one that would give you enough confidence to walk around the sandy beach. When it comes to jewelry, choose a metal jewelry in sweet rose colors or gold. If you are planning to opt for the bohemian beach look, pick out a pair of gold earrings or a long necklace.


Dressy Casual or Semi-Formal.  Choose between a casual or formal wardrobe, depending on the time of the event and go for either a dressy skirt or cocktail dress. When the wedding is held at daytime, light colors and fabrics should do the job, and darker tones for weddings done at night. Opt for a simple hairstyle and natural makeup. Have some fun with your jewelry and wear light-hearted jewelry pieces.


White Tie. Prepare for quite a soiree and expect an extremely formal dress code. If you’re wearing a full-length ball gown, go for one in light or neutral colors like pale gray or taupe. Make sure you have glamorous hair and makeup and for your jewelry, go all out with colored gemstones and diamonds. You simply can’t go wrong with dainty diamond pieces as they add sparkle to your wardrobe.


Black Tie.  A bit less formal than a White Tie wedding, this theme would still need a lot of details to your wardrobe. Typically an evening affair, wear a long evening gown in black or brown and have a bit of fun with your shoes. If you go for a cocktail dress, pair it with brightly-colored heels. As for your jewelry, this is a great time to wear some expressive and artful pieces of fine jewelry. Jewelry in contrasting colors and some semi-precious stones will also do the trick.



Formal or Black Tie Optional. This vague wording can mean a look that is moderately less formal than black tie. Guests will likely come in a wide variety of formal dresses. Hence, this gives you room to choose between a less formal or formal attire. A dressy suit, a cocktail-length dress or a long dress are appropriate for this theme. Since this wedding is a bit less-formal, leave the diamonds at home and choose a statement piece or delicate pieces of jewelry.


Finding the best wedding attire can be a bit of a challenge but our list above will help you create a put-together wedding guest ensemble. The next time you attend a wedding this summer, you now have an idea on how to find the best style that suits the theme and at the same time, one that would show effort to the married couple.

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