Handmade Jewelry Projects to Ignite Your Creativity

4 Handmade Jewelry Projects to Ignite Your Creativity

The year is full of holidays, special occasions and exciting events. There’s absolutely no stopping them. Even if we are almost nearing the end of another great year, there are still plenty of activities to look forward to.


So, have you thought about preparing gifts for the coming months? Why not consider giving a handmade jewelry? You can never go wrong with giving one! We’ve put together a list of creative jewelry projects so you can have those lovely pieces ready for any occasion.


  • Silk and ribbon jewelry.

    Creating jewelry using ribbons provide softness, sophistication and mobility. Using a grosgrain or satin ribbon can give your homemade bracelets, rings and necklaces an updated look. With satin ribbons, even a single strand of beads can make your jewelry project look completely elegant. The beads are definitely easy to string as a silk cord already has a needle on one end. Now instead of using a clasp or other fixing, you can use a ribbon to make necklaces and bracelets by simply tying the ends together.


  • Crocheted jewelry.

    A popular hobby among jewelry enthusiasts, crocheted jewelry has definitely made a comeback . As metal accessories can feel quite cold against the skin during fall and winter, crocheted jewelry is the best choice for those seasons. Crocheted jewelry is a very quick and simple project. Most of the time, you can create one in less than an hour. You can also experiment and make knots and loops in all types of quirky shapes.


  • Bead embroidered jewelry.  

    With bead embroidered jewelry, you get hundreds or even thousands of beads sewn onto a fabric to create bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings, and more. There is a certainly art when hand-sewing hundreds of tiny beads onto a fabric. You get to marvel at how a beaded fabric transforms into a fantastic piece of jewelry.


  • Fabric jewelry.

    Considered to be around even during the ancient times, fabric jewelry continues to be popular till now. Pretty and versatile, working with fabrics give you endless possibilities. It offers a playful, fashion-forward way to maximize left-over fabric scraps that you probably have never used or thrown away.

Jewelry is such a fantastic and personal gift and it’s worth the extra effort to make one for your loved ones. Not only is it more affordable to create your own jewelry, it also allows you to work on your creativity. Here’s hoping our set of ideas will help you in taking your jewelry creations to the next level and at the same time, elicit ohh’s and ahhh’s from your loved ones!

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