Fun Facts about Jackfruit

Fun Facts about Nangka wood (Jackfruit)

Fun Facts about Jackfruit

The nangka wood (jackfruit) is part of our wide collection of all natural wood beads. All of our nangka wood beads comes from the Philippines. Nangka wood has many uses. It is used to create furniture, and it’s also used to create unique and high quality jewelry. The longevity of the nangka wood, its uniqueness and quality are the top reasons why it’s used for jewelry.

The nangka tree is a popular fruit that is cultivated and grown in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and of course, the Philippines. There are some interesting uses of jackfruit that you might be interested, so check them out below!





1. Jewelry  

Of course, nangka wood is more than suitable to be used as a raw material for beads. It can be formed into many shapes like round, tube, flower-shaped, and even carved. Nangka wood beads are natural, have great quality, and lasts a long period of time!


2. An Excellent Food Source

In South East Asian countries, it’s quite common to see nangka in cuisines. Here are some reasons why this thorny fruit is a great food source: gives energy boost without disrupting sugar levels, has antioxidants, maintains blood pressure, improves bone health, great source of iron, has dietary fiber, and helps lessen Asthma.

As you can see, nangka is a healthy powerhouse that offers a ton of health benefits! Fresh nangka fruits are available in some Asian markets but seasonal.  Canned nangka fruit are available all year in most Asian markets.


3. Furniture 

Aside from its fruit, the nangka wood has also other uses like being a main component in furniture. A nangka wood is a sturdy material and it can last for a long time. However, when you do plan to purchase furniture made of nangka wood, expect it to be pricey.

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    • Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your interest in acquiring more knowledge with our product. Nangka, or jackfruit is considered sustainable. It is easy to plant as this tree bears fruit abundantly. Seedlings are easily grown from the seeds. There are hundreds of seeds in a nangka fruit. It is a fast growing fruit tree and grown abundantly in the Philippines.

  1. Hi,

    Is Nangka wood good for house construction?

    I’ve read that Nangka wood is termite resistant. How true is this?


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