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Red horn faceted diamond 8mm x 16mm long drilled through

1 - 4$ 8.74
5 - 9$ 7.87
10+$ 7.09

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Width 8mm, Length 16mm
Sold by the 16″ strand, approx. 25 pieces per strand

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Red horn faceted diamond 8mm x 16mm long drilled through. Red horn comes from a water buffalo locally known as carabao in the Philippines. The beads are bleached from natural black color of the horn. From the bleached golden color, the beads are dyed red. Depending on the size and absorption of the bleach in the horn, color shades can vary. Small beads usually have lighter shades than the larger size beads. Because of the natural luster when polished, horn is a very versatile component used to incorporate with different types of materials in jewelry. Note that the horn is a byproduct of the food industry.

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