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N-0233 and N-0234 Organic Pangi seed blue necklace


Light up your look with 2 styles of organic ocean blue ensembles made from pangi seed beads, metallic blue wood beads and pandora-style snakeskin beads

List of Materials – N-0233
1pc. CNP033B-HC half cut pangi seed beads
4pcs. WDE1311SHB dark blue shagreen skin inlay hambabalud wood beads
6pcs. WD1310TQM wood beads
15pcs. PLM1515BL seed beads
20pcs. COS1405B coco heishi
14pcs. SH037G shell beads
2pcs. FMRS5G-144 split rings
4pcs. FMRS8G-144 split rings
4pcs. FMCE18G-144 cord end caps
11in. BCLG15BR-50 leather cord
1pc. FMCLLSMG-144 lobster clasp
1pc. FMGPPB027x2-24 ball pins
120in. BCAW28S artistic wire
1tube TLGSHYP001 g/s hypo cement