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N-0212 Spring bouquet of nangka wood beads, limestone and horn beads with citrine beads and gold river shell


List of Materials:

1pc. SH1500RGO river shell beads gold leaf
6pcs. WD1310N nangka wood beads round 10mm
6pcs. WD1305N nangka wood beads round 5mm
7pcs. LSPS1604CI citrine beads 4mm pukalet
7pcs. LM1310Y limestone beads round 10mm yellow
6pcs. LM1310G limestone beads round 10mm green
15pcs. BON3004 white bone beads rice 9x4mm
140.in. BCCC24M colourcraft wire 24 guage
2pcs. SGY1400G golden horn beads flat oval 12x16mm
2pcs. SGY1304G golden horn beads round 4mm
3pcs. SGY3110G golden horn beads coin 10mm
4pcs. FMRJ6G-144 jump ring gold plated 6mm open
1pc. FMGPPH028x2-72 head pin gold plated 2″
1pc. FMCLLSMG-144 lobster clasp gold plated 5x12mm