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N-0190 “Black widow” in wire wrapped red horn and red bahay seed beads


List of Materials:

1pc. SGY1826x42R red horn bead leaf 26x42mm
1pc. SGY1008R red horn bead teardrop 28x8mm
1pc. SGY1512x38R red horn bead elongated 12x38mm
1pc. SGY1110x15R red horn bead twist 10x15mm
1pc. SGY1800R red horn bead leaf 11x33mm
3pcs. BON2310R dyed red bone beads
4pcs. CN007FD bahay seed beads
2pcs. CN014FD pagsahingin seed beads
2pcs. MGY1310 mahogany seed beads 10mm
6pcs. SGY3004R red horn beads rice 3.5x8mm
7pcs. SGY1304R red horn beads 4mm round
2pcs. SGY1606R red horn beads saucer 6mm
4pcs. FMSPPH028x2-72 head pins silver plated 2″
100in. BCAW28S artistic wire 28 guage non-tarnish silver
6pcs. FNCE18-144 cord ends 1.8mm silver plated
6pcs. FMRS8S-144 split rings silver plated 6mm
2pcs. FMRS5S-144 split rings
4pcs. FMRJ4S-144 jump rings silver plated 4mm
1pair FMCLTOG1S-144 toggle clasps silver plated 10.4mm
15in. BCLG15BR-50 Greek leather cord brown 1.5mm
1tube TLGSHYP001 g/s hypo cement