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Prepare a carved pendant (SP1840MOP-CV), an open jump ring (FMRJ8S-144) and a toggle (FMCLTOG1S-144).


Use an open jump ring to attach the carved pendant and the loop of a toggle. Set aside


Let’s make a neckline from the toggle’s hole going to the left end of this neckpiece. First, cut a six inch beadalon wire (BC19-024BT-100). On one end, string a crimp bead (FMCRBD1S-15), the toggle’s hole and back through the crimp bead. Tighten the wire and close the crimp bead.


String a saucer limestone (LM1610W), a round limestone (LM1308PW), a saucer limestone, a metal bead (MCSS403), a saucer limestone, a rice limestone (LM3007W), a saucer limestone, a crimp bead and a cord end cap (FMCE18S-144). Go back through the crimp bead and back through the limestone just strung. Tighten the wire and crimp the crimp bead. Cut the excess wire off.

Cut a 7in. leather cord (BCLG15N-5). On one end, apply a drop of g/s hypo cement (TLGSHYPO01) and slide it into the cord end cap. Let it dry.


Apply a drop of hypo cement on the other end of the cord and slide it into the cord end cap. Let it dry.

Use an open jump ring to attach the loop of the cord end cap and the three pieces split rings (FMRS8S-144).

On a head pin (FMSPPH028x2-72), string a round limestone. Make the first half of the wrapped loop and attach to the last split rings. Finish the wraps. Trim off excess wire.

To finish this project off, on the other end repeat step three up to step eight, substituting the three pieces split rings and the wrapped loop with limestone with a lobster clasp (FMCLLMES-24).

List of Materials:
1 pc. SP1840MOP-Cv MOP Carved Leaf Design Pendant
8 pcs. LM1610W White Limestone Saucer Beads
2 pcs. LM3007W White rice limestone
3 pcs. LM1308PW Polished White Round Limestone
2 pcs. MCSS403 Oval Shape Silver Plated Metal Bead
3 pcs. FMRJ8S-144 Open jump Ring
3 pcs. FMRS8S-144 Silver plated split rings
4 pcs. FMCRBD1S-15 Silver Crimp Beads 4 pcs. FMCE18S-144 silver plated tube cord end caps
1 pair FMCLTOG1S-144 Silver Plated Toggle Clasps
1 pc. FMCLLMES-24 Silver Plated Lobster Clasps Medium
1 pc. FMSPPH028x2-72 Silver Plated Head Pins
2 pcs. 7 in. BCLG15N-5 Natural – Greek Leather Cord 5-meter Coil
2 pcs. 6 in. BC19-024BT-100 Bright Beadalon Wire 19
1 tube TLGSHYPO01 g/s hypo cement